For a couple of years we’ve been writing the manuscript for what will eventually become the foundation of the JAWGS – Journey to Mars experience. Why is it an experience and not just a book? Well, this whole project is a labor of love and as such is not confined to one tradtional media. We’re creating stuff and trying out new technologies and often times the prototypes end up becoming part of the JAWGS project. That means that once the book and comic is done we’ll be able to implement augmented reality experiences via a supporting app, cool right? 🙂

Once that phase is done, we’re gonna crowdfund the PC / VR experience and hopefully that project will include many fun and engaging STEM experiences as well.

Below are several of the elements made ready for first phase of the project.

comic book sketch page 01
comic book sketch page 02
comic book sketch page 03
comic book sketch page 04
The adventure includes unique mechanical design and silly characters, obviously
Our demographic is 7 – 77, so the story should be relatable to anyone, easy, right? 😀