We’re currently putting together an online shop for JAWGS – journey to Mars and JAWGS Jet Fighter Board Game. Be sure to check back later if you’re into cool cartoon swag 🙂

Jet fighter board game – for 1 – 4 players!

We’re working on several prototypes and some of them are available on Steam via the Board Game simulator, read the whole post here or check ’em out on Steam here or as a printed board game here

What about the journey to Mars? Well! 😉

Another great project is underway, this one about how to get to Mars and back again. The book is through the first draft and illustrations are trickling out along with technology prototypes, you can support us here if you feel like it 😉

Reclaim plastic! We want to do it and you can help!

Once we’re done setting up the webshop you can buy our characters made from reclaimed plastic 🙂 – hopefully we’ll land a deal with these guys


This is a few of the sketches and prototypes we’re working on 🙂

Shores says: “Howdy”! 😀
Air launch platform described in the JAWGS book
3D render of the AHAB / AHALP ( Advanced Hybrid Air Launch Platform )
“Space Hot Dog” – the air launched space shuttle described in the JAWGS book
3D render of the “Space Hot Dog” design ascending and EDL
Silly concept of the “Space Hot Dog” in orbit
“Nate” main character rig setup
Short walk through of the VR prototype we built.
JAWGS Jet Fighter Board Game cover
Some of the designs are very detailed – like we said, it’s a labor of love 😀
Hammerhead control surface theory
simulated air flow on the design before the addition of canards
3D printed F/A-20 SASF Hammerhead prototype